Big Bang Theory stars TOP Forbes’ list of World’s Highest-Paid TV Actors 2015!

Jim, Johnny, Simon and Kunal are rolling in it!

by Ellie Henman |

Forbes have released the list for the World’s Highest Paid TV Actors for 2015 and the stars of the Big Bang Theory have cleared up.

Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon in the hit show, came top with earnings of $29 million in 2015.


Closely behind him was Johnny Galecki (Leonard) who made $27 million, then Simon Helgerg (Howard) and Kunal Nayyar (Raj) with $20 million each.

Not bad, eh?

Ashton Kutcher also made the list with earnings of $20 million while Kevin Spacey earned $9 million.

The list of the World’s Highest Paid TV Actresses will be released in the coming weeks. We bet Big Bang’s Kayley Cuoco-Sweeting is right up at the top.


Rich List

30. Lily Cole, 26: £6.21m
1 of 30

New entry! All that modelling made her a few bob, and her acting jobs include Snow White And The Huntsman and Doctor Who.

29. Duffy, 30: £6.26m
2 of 30

Down 3. Rockferry was huge. Endlessly wasn’t. We’re all still waiting for that difficult third album…

28. Paolo Nutini, 27: £6.28m
3 of 30

Re-entry! We’d almost forgotten about Paolo, but his album Caustic Love was a big hit – and brought him back on to the list.

27. Jamie Bell, 28: £6.73m
4 of 30

Re-entry! He may be best known for Billy Elliot still, but he also made King Kong, Tintin, and just signed up for the Fantastic Four reboot.

26. Lily Allen, 29: £6.97m
5 of 30

Down 1. Most of her money comes from her first two albums.

25. Mumford & Sons, £6.99m
6 of 30

New entry! There’s a lot of money in banjos, beards and fiddly-de-dee. And Marcus Mumford has even married Carey Mulligan. (Spoiler: she’s richer than him – at Number 16)

24. Jamal Edwards, 24: £7.14m
7 of 30

New entry! The founder (and chief presenter) of urban music channel, Jamal’s fortune is predicated on the estimated value of his expanding media empire.

23. JLS, £7.18m
8 of 30

Up 7. They split up ages ago, but they didn’t really, did they? They kept touring for ages.

22. James Morrison, 30: £7.35m
9 of 30

Up 2. He’s had a quiet year, but That Songs For Me… album in 2008 was huge.

21. Cara Delevingne, 22: £7.49m
10 of 30

New entry! Most of that money comes from modelling and being the face of, for example, Tom Ford’s fragrance, but she also acts. Look out for the forthcoming London Fields and Pan.

20. Gemma Arterton, 28: £7.98m
11 of 30

Up 3. Her peak earning years may be behind her (Clash Of The Titans and Prince Of Persia were the major pay days) but there’s plenty of new work in the pipeline.

19. Nicola Roberts, 29: £8.01m
12 of 30

Up 3. Not been too busy lately, but she does write songs for Little Mix.

18. Nadine Coyle, 29: £8.10m
13 of 30

Up 3. Clack your heels rhythmically, because Nadine has just finished appearing as the goddess Erin in Michael Flatley’s Lord Of The Dance: Dangerous Games in the West End.

17. Florence Welch, 28: £8.88m
14 of 30

Up 3. Nice quiet year for Flo, though she’s due to make her movie debut next year in Terrence Malick’s as-yet-untitled new film.

16. Carey Mulligan, 29: £9.41m
15 of 30

Up 3. The A-list promise of The Great Gatsby has so far only translated into respectable, low-key dramas. Fair enough, it’s not all about money.

15. Aaron Taylor-Johnson, 24: £9.6m
16 of 30

Up 1. Expect his star to rise next year when The Avengers 2 comes out…

14. Charlotte Church, 28: £9.67m
17 of 30

Up 1. To be fair, she made most of this money before she could even vote, but she still put out two EPs this year.

13. Joss Stone, 27: £10.02m
18 of 30

Up 1. Joss claims she spent most of her fortune buying out her record contract. Still had a world tour this year, though, to keep body and (blue-eyed) soul together.

12. Coleen Rooney, 28: £11.74m
19 of 30

Up 5. She’s got five fragrances, don’t you know. Five ways to smell like Coleen!

11. Katie Melua, 30: £12.63m
20 of 30

Non-mover. Her sixth studio album, Ketevan (that’s her real name, BTW), was top ten across Europe. And your dad totally fancies her.

10. Alex Turner, 28: £13.56m
21 of 30

Up 3. Mr Arctic and his Monkey pals chugged through 78 arena dates around the world this year.

9. Leona Lewis, 29: £15.51m
22 of 30

Up 1. Her Christmas album sold a respectable few hundred thousand copies this year, but she used to sell millions. Then more millions.

8. Rupert Grint, 26: £27.33m
23 of 30

Down 1. Still hasn’t managed to grasp that slippery pole out of the Potter swamp like Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe, but he seems happy. Why wouldn’t he be? He owns an ice cream van.

7.Calvin Harris, 30: £28.99m
24 of 30

Up 1. He made a fortune from his residency at Hakkasan in Vegas (plus other lucrative gigs), but he split up with Rita Ora. Swings and roundabouts…

6. Emma Watson, 24: £31.66m
25 of 30

Down 1. What with The Bling Ring and Noah, and her burgeoning side-career as a women’s rights campaigner, Emma seems to have done even better than Dan-Rad at shaking off Harry Potter.

3. Robert Pattinson, 28: £51.4m
26 of 30

Non-mover. Can you see him as anything other than a sexually-repressed vampire, though? He’s trying really, really, hard, but…

2. Daniel Radcliffe, 25: £63.5m
27 of 30

Non-mover. Coming soon: Horns, in which he has a pair of horns, and Frankenstein, in which he plays Igor the hunchback. Not that he’s trying to transform our perception of him or anything.

1. One Direction, £77.5m
28 of 30

Non-mover. Not to be crude, but they’ve been selling truckloads of records and touring enormodromes around the world since their balls dropped. That kind of thing will make you very, very rich.

5. Adele, 26: £36.25
29 of 30

Up 1. God, she’s good, isn’t she? Isn’t she though? She’s just really GOOD.

4. Keira Knightley, 29: £39.95
30 of 30

Non-mover. It’s worth remembering that despite only being 29, Keira has made 28 films, including three extremely lucrative Pirates Of The Caribbean ones.

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