Big Brother’s Marc and Sarah: a fairy tale romance for our times

“My hands after giving Marc a goodbye w*nk,” – Sarah Greenwood

Big Brother 2015: Sarah Greenwood and Marc O\\\\\\\'Neill

by Georgina Terry |
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Some reality TV romances you can see coming a mile off: Preston and Chantelle, Vicky and Bear, Gaz and Scotty T.

And others throw you a complete curveball.

The story of Big Brother 2015’s Sarah Greenwood and Marc O’Neill is one of these. Mainly because they were in the house for all of zero minutes together.

That’s right. Zero.

More news!

    Sarah was evicted on day 18 of this summer’s show, at the same time that Marc entered it.

    But not being in the same house at the same time has proved no barrier to their sure fire love thing and the two have been united by a love of lap dancing, fake tan, and hand shandies.

    You heard.

    And if this tweet is anything to go by, she indulged heavily both in fake tans and the art of love.

    Marc also suggests that he and Sarah have had matching tattoos, which is definitely not an insanely bad idea. Not at all.

    We look forward to buying a hat for the wedding.

    CORRECTION Tue 27 Octover 14:27: Sarah has been in touch to tell us that she and Marc did spend 15 mnutes in the house together.

    We stand by everything we said. Other than the bit we got wrong.

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