Big Brother’s Alex Cannon branded a snake after being a dick about Evelyn Ellis


Alex Cannon

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Alex Cannon and Evelyn Ellis have had possibly the most uninteresting relationship in Big Brother history. They've gone from cold, to moderately tepid, to cold again, to kinda hot in a way – and now it looks like they may be going right back to cold.

Evelyn and Alex

We at heat bloody love Evelyn. That time she got drunk, told a confused looking Alex she fancied him, before just generally making a tit of herself made us realise we can kinda identify with her (apart from the whole vag in his face thing, that was weird).

So we were super thrilled when Alex looked like he was (FINALLY) reciprocating her feelings, telling his fellow housemates that he fancied her but didn't want to do anything in the house.

BUT THEIR RECENT CANOODLING SUGGESTED OTHERWISE, and it looks like these two were finally making the transition to hawwwwwwt when Evelyn insinuated something nawty happened between them in bed in last night's episode.

Evelyn and Alex

Much to our disappointment (and fury), things once again took a turn for the tepid when Alex started mocking her in a really irritating lad-ish bantz session with Jackson Blyton.

While they were having a cigarette together, Alex said: "She pulled me up on something, that I only talk to her after a few drinks… I was like, it's not like I can turn around and say 'cause I'm drunk'.

"I don't want her to feel bad again," the slithery snake added. "She's dead cuddly in the night and in the morning I'm like 'wake up kid'"


Jackson was apparently also finding the whole thing very amusing, replying between laughs: "She's just not used to proper lads".

Literally, ugh.

Twitter users were predictably NOT HAPPY with his words – one branded him a "snake" and another said the two were "a pair of nasty brats".

But it's possible that Vicky Pattison might be happy with this news – she's best mates with the Liverpudlian hunk, and dramatically admitted she thought she might be in love with him on Loose Women (after he entered the house).

Time will tell…

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