Big Brother: Alex Cannon hits Evelyn Ellis RIGHT WHERE IT HURTS

FFS, Alex!

Evelyn Ellis

by Polly Foreman |
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Warning: spoilers for tonight's episode

For the first time in their (really kinda boring) non-relationship, Alex Cannon and Evelyn Ellis have actually given us quite a bit to write about the past few days.

Evelyn and Alex

In last night's episode, Evelyn heavily insinuated that things between her and Vicky Pattison's BFF had cranked up to HAWWWWT (after flitting between stone cold, tepid, and a tiny bit lukewarm in the past few weeks).

When Laura Carter asked "if something other than kissing happened" with her and Alex when they slept in the same bed (they've been doing that quite a bit, BTW), she responded: "I can't tell you! It will all be on TV, I'm trying to keep it private… all I'm saying is that the frustration is high right now."

Which totally means it did.

But then things seemed to be going RIGHT THE WAY BACK TO COLD when Alex was a right dick about Evelyn during a real "LADS LADS LADS-esque bantz session with Jackson Blythe. He said: "She pulled me up on something, that I only talk to her after a few drinks… I was like, it's not like I can turn around and say 'cause I'm drunk'"

Evelyn Ellis

He was branded a snake by viewers for his slithery behaviour, and we kinda agree…

In tonight's episode, Alex wins a three-course meal as part of a task. But instead of Evelyn, he picks JASON BURRILLto share it with him. JASON, as in the one that chose to evict Lateysha Grace and alienated the whole house etc etc. JASON!

Evelyn Ellis

Picking one of his best friends over her would have been a bit of a kick in the teeth, but this is just ridic.

Evelyn Ellis

Clearly Evelyn agrees, as she later tells Big Brother in the diary room that she believes Alex should have invited her.

We wish he had too :(

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