Is Big Brother’s Lateysha Grace getting her OWN TV SHOW?


Lateysha Grace

by Polly Foreman |
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Something you may have noticed about us at heat is that we bloody love tele. We love tele so much that we quite literally dedicate our whole lives to tele. So if someone we like from the tele is going to do even more tele that is very good news to us.

Lateysha Grace Big Brother 2016

So imagine our DELIGHT when we heard Big Brother's Lateysha Grace is planning on getting HER OWN tele show.

She stole our hearts immediately while on the show, and got so great throughout that she was tipped as favourite to win (until meanie Jason Burrill booted her out).

And she also provided us with THE. BEST. TV. MOMENT. EVER when she twerked so much she split her dress open and exposed her bare arse on LIVE TV while appearing on BBOTS.

We have literally only just stopped laughing.

A source told The Sun that she's moved to London to plot her next step in her TV career: “Lateysha dreams of being a huge reality star and knows MTV can make it happen for her."

This is certainly true. Remember The Valleys? #NeverForget

"She’s just got back together with her daughter’s dad Ben Charles and bosses at the channel know it will be TV gold seeing what she gets up to with him as she tries to make it as a star in London."

If you didn't already know, Latesyha and Ben's daughter is a hella cute…

Back in the days of regular Big Brother (can you even REMEMBER a time before Celebrity Big Brother?) she was subject to some pretty horrendous trolling by some busy bodies slating her for going on the show when she had a nine-month-old daughter.

Among those PISSED OFF about the trolling was Holly Hagan, who absolutely SLAYED some guy who reiterated this opinion.

Nothing like a pompous man giving a single mum advice on how best to provide for her baby, huh?

The full extent of Holly's absolute BURN can be viewed below.

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