The big Ed Sheeran lion tattoo scandal. It IS real. Fact. Full stop.

OMG, we don't even care anymore (but we do care).

by Maria Vallahis |

We think Ed Sheeran should stop playing with our emotions: His lion tattoo is REAL.

According to the *Thinking Out Loud *singer, he only had to cover it up for a TV show.

Ultimate prankster Ed got a lion tattoo inked on his chest two weeks ago, he then posted a picture to his Instagram showing it had disappeared and now it's back again. Ha. Ha. Such a funny man, Ed.

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The 24-year-old revealed the news on his Insta, where he captioned the picture: "Only joking, covered it up for a TV show didn't I."


Yesterday, he showed off his bare, ink-free chest, alongside the caption: "Was only joking about the lion." You had us fooled, Ed.

Yesterday Ed joked the huge lion had "gone".

Earlier this month, Ed first posted a picture of a half-finished lion tattoo emblazoned on his chest, which is meant to honour the England football team's mascot.

After posting that it had gone, he said the news of the tattoo had "always just been an elaborate prank".

The real deal.

His tattoo artist, Kevin Paul, says there’s much more work to be done on the tatt and on many others.

The Derby tattoist has become recognised as a tattoo artist to the stars, having also worked on Dappy, One Direction's Harry Styles and Ray Quinn.

Celebrity tattoos: The best and worst:


Celebrity tattoos: The best and worst

Dappy did this so his face "would always be trending"...
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Ouch!! We couldn't think of a worse place to be tattooed Miss Cyrus!

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We're not sure if Amanda Seyfried knows the meaning of the word minge!

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We can't imagine how noisy the needle must have been next to your ear, Cara!

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David Beckham, the tattoo GOD!

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Chris Brown denied reports that this was Rihanna's beaten face

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We still have so many questions on this one Chezza!!

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A tribal tattoo gone too far RiRi?

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FYI, that tattoo used to say "Pete"

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We're not sure if "Don't be Bitter- Glitter" will ever be a "thing", Miss Harding

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Jodie, why does it go all the way down there?!

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Looks like a five-year-old drew that, Scarlett

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These face tattoos get better and better, Boy George!

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They say beauty is in the eye of the be-hold-er, Kesha

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Any excuse to post a half-naked picture of Dan Osborne

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Tulisa's "The Female Boss"

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The tattoo matches your dark hair, Jesy!

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Biebs, what is it?

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Leigh-Anne, your upper back tattoo goes great with your bikini

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Mutya's tattoo goes thigh high!

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Not sure if Kelly wants a faint tattoo or is having it removed

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You certainly are "lucky" Pro Green

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We can't make out how many tattoos you have here, James

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Who knew Rita had tattoos here and there?

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Ed, those are some bright tats!

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Is that your dream house, Lena?

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Naya, why have a tattoo that NO ONE will see?

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Mr Depp loves showing off this tats, and even has one of him as Jack Sparrow

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Zayn, how many tattoos will you get?

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Why Mike, why?

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