Exclusive! Binky Felstead discusses baby names and MARRIAGE to JP

We're so for excited this lil babba!!!

Binky and JP

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Binky Felstead is up there with Cheryl and Stephanie Davis on the list of most unexpected celebrity pregnancies of the year – and we're literally SO excited about the first Made In Chelsea baby.

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She broke the news to Hello! Magazine earlier this year, saying: "This is a new start and a new chapter in our lives. I want to be a little family, to be honest. But I'm going to be ok either way."

Binky Felstead baby bump
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We caught up with Binks to discuss the lil bubba and her relationship with JP, and she told us they haven't yet put a label on it, but are having couple's counselling.

"We didn’t want to get back together because of the baby. Everyone says, you know, babies don’t fix relationships, which we know. If anything it makes you work, it puts strain on the relationship. But for us, we’ve just been having a break… it’s all about communication."

They also revealed they were having therapy, saying: "I would suggest to anyone, even if you don’t think you need therapy, I think you should go and see a therapist.

“I think couple therapy is so important. I think any couple should do it."

(Credit: E4) ©E4
(Credit: E4) ©E4

When we (inevitably) got onto the subject of baby names and asked if they'd already picked out a name, Binky said: "We have. We’ve got a couple to choose from. We can’t say."

Josh added: "I think she vetoes everything that I say. Its more when she picks a name, its more the one that I prefer."

And considering whether she'd do a Gwyneth Paltrow and call the baby Apple or something, Binky said: "There are quite a few edgy names that I quite like but I just don’t think we’re cool enough to do it. "

She was more open about the surname, though, saying: "It’d be Felstead-Patterson. And if we ever do get married then it’ll just be Patterson.

Binky and JP

We asked whether marriage could be on the table, to which she replied: "I mean, we’ve only just started…"



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