The birth of the royal baby will be announced on Twitter first

Well high tech, those royals

Kate Middleton

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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The royals are WELL high tech these days, don’t you know? So high tech in fact that when Kate Middleton gives birth to her baby, it’s going to be announced on TWITTER, reports the Sunday Times.

When Prince George was born, it was put on Twitter – but it was announced via a swanky royal easel first and foremost.

A doctor signed a formal notice and then it was delivered to the very posh easel in front of Buckingham Palace, where everyone had to crane their necks to see what it said. The news was tweeted after this.


A royal spokesperson said at the time:

“We wanted to retain some of the theatre of the notice. It is quite important to us that this is done properly and with the degree of dignity that the event demands.

“This is the birth of a child who will be in line to the throne. It is a rare occasion and it is nice to be able to do it with some historical precedence.”

But it’s all change for baby number two – the news is going out on the interweb before that pesky easel business.

Wonder what the queen thinks about THAT!?

Looks like Prince William is bored of waiting for the baby. He tweeted:

OK, that’s a fake account, but you know he wanted to.

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