Someone is suggesting Blac Chyna’s baby isn’t Rob Kardashian’s


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by Georgina Terry |
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As sure as eggs is eggs, someone was going to suggest that the baby Blac Chyna is carrying isn't her fiancé Rob Kardashian's.

It was just a waiting game.

And, lo! A source, who we're certain is 100% reliable, has come out of the woodwork to say they have "proof" that the latest addition to the Kardashian clan is no such thing.

So, presumably the source was in the same room when Chyna and the other man did the alleged sex and saw his sperm enter Chyna's egg.


Thought not.

The mystery man in question is Glee star Pilot Jones and he and Chyna are pals (well, there's a video of here on his Instagram) so it makes total sense that he's actually the dad, right?


"When that baby comes out, it’s going to be brown! The truth will come out eventually. Pilot is the dad," the source told Radar online.

OK, our understanding of genetics begins and ends with GCSE combined science (we got an A* though which means we're pretty much Professor Stephen Hawking) but wouldn't the baby be brown anyway?

Due to both of her (yes – it's a girl!) acknowledged parents (Chyna and Rob) being of colour.

So, excuse us if we take this with a large sprinkling of salt.

In other Kardashian news: Kim Kardashian has just treated the world to a naked Snapchat of herself and - holy guacamole - there is a whole lot of foo on display. Hats off, Kim. And everything else too.

Speaking of naked Snapchats, Celebrity Big Brother winner Stephen Bear has snapped his Ex On The Beach co-star Jemma Lucy topless in bed. The setting for his video was a teeny bit less glamorous than Kim's Miami shot however, and had more of a Travelodge in Ipswich kinda vibe.

Oh, Bear.

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