Blac Chyna’s latest pic of Dream Kardashian is BEYOND cute


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It's pretty undeniable that the Kardashians are the most famous family in the world (second only to the Royals, probably).

While Kim Kardashian has taken a step back from the limelight following her robbery in a Paris hotel room last month, all eyes have been firmly on Rob Kardashian and his GF, Blac Chyna.

The couple have been starring in their very own reality TV show, Rob & Chyna, and rumours are still swirling that the couple aren't living together since their spat way back in the summer.

blac chyna

But on a brighter note, they recently welcomed their ADORABLE daughter, Dream, to the big wide world.

Blac Chyna stopped for a mo to do the obligatory mannequin challenge, natch.

Proof that social media stars literally NEVER take a day off.

Soon after she was born, baby Dream was set up with her own Instagram account and is on track to becoming a huge star herself.

People are already SO in love with her, that the day after she was born they were convinced she was set to be a bigger star than her auntie Kim.

And she's not even a week old yet.

We've got dirty takeaway containers that are older than her.

Blac Chyna has been keeping fans updated with some super sweet pics of her daughter, and the latest is an absolute DREAM.

(Sorry not sorry.)

It was captioned with the snoring emoji, and we just crumpled with how CUTE the whole bloody thing is.

The latest Kardashian bubba has only posted two pics on Instagram but she already has a blue tick and 481k followers.

Living the Dream.

OK we will stop now.

In other Kardashian and Instagram news, Kendall Jenner deleted her entire account this week and we have no idea why.

The model once held the title for the most liked Instagram picture EVER, but could criticism over a ballet photoshoot be at the root of the farewell?

blac chyna

We're pretty sad about it, TBH.

RIP Medusa heart hair snap :'(

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