Blake Lively’s wedding ring makes us love her EVEN MORE

It's basic AF and we're obsessed

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If you Googled #couplegoals, a big picture of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds would 100% pop up. Probably looking absolutely gorgeous, smiling and staring lovingly into each other's eyes, with their two adorable daughters James and Ines being ridiculously cute.

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And now Blake's been sporting her 'Mrs. R' ring on her wedding finger and we're just bursting with all the feels.

Blake posted a picture on Instagram showing off the ring – which isn’t her actual real life wedding ring but is just super, super cute – and we're obsessed with it.

It's tacky and basic and we bloody love it.

In fact, we love it so much we want one for ourselves. We'd ideally like the husband to come with it too, but unfortunately, we doubt Ryan's in much of a hurry to ditch Blake.

Blake Lively ring

Fear not though, 'cos the ring also comes in a 'Ms' version for all us strong, independent women out there. It's also available in white gold, gold and rose gold with a choice of five different precious stones.

The ring is designed by Alison Lou and you can check them out here.

In other Blake and Ryan news, Ryan recently opened up to heat about family life.

Speaking about life with two kids, he said: "Before there was just the one to focus on, but now it's like, where's the other one? Oh God! Now there's double the mistakes to make [laughs]. But when you have a wonderful wife and mother who is able to make up for all your shortcomings, it kind of evens it out."

We love him so sosososos SO much.

He also spoke about losing out at the Golden Globes to 'other Ryan' Gosling.

"The other, no, no, you mean the lesser Ryan," he told us… "he ruined my evening, he ruined my night, you know, my career, my life."

He was joking, btw.

(We think).


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