Brandon and Brody Jenner to call Bruce ‘dad’ after sex change

According to reports Brody and Brandon will still refer to their Olympian father as ‘dad’ after his alleged sex change


by Fiona Day |
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Tonight sees the airing of the highly anticipated ‘tell-all’ interview with Olympian Bruce Jenner, and speculation is rife that he will reveal plans to transition from male to female.

According to sources, the Jenner family are still sorting out more intimate details such as what his kids will refer to him as post-op.

The insider told Radar Online: "Brandon will continue to call Bruce ‘Dad,’ and Brody will still refer to him either by his first name, or his nickname, Bruiser,.

“Bruce will reveal during the interview that he will always be his kids’ ‘Dad,’ even though he will now be living his life as a woman."

(Left to right) Brandon, Brody and their mother Linda Thompson
(Left to right) Brandon, Brody and their mother Linda Thompson

They continued: “For Bruce, it’s about what the kids are comfortable with. None of the kids will be calling him ‘Mom.’ This is truly unchartered territory for the family, and it’s about respecting each other during the process."

The insider also revealed that Bruce will be hoping for privacy as he adjusts to his new life.

"Don’t expect Bruce to be out in public living as a woman just yet. He just doesn’t seem to be ready to fully embrace his life as a woman,” they said.

The interview is set to air on ABC tonight at 2am UK time.

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