IMPORTANT POLITICS NEWS: David Cameron NEARLY stripped off and wrestled a rat in his kitchen

Just more stuff we found out while having a chat with the Prime Minister, no big deal

by Emmeline Saunders |
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David Cameron might not have much in common with Russian leader Vladimir Putin (well… apart from running an actual country), but he did almost take a leaf out of the president’s book when confronted with a rat in his kitchen.

~IMPORTANT POLITICAL CONTEXT~ yeah, Putin loves taking his top off and riding round on horses, in between giving pesky reporters the thousand-yard stare. Cameron does NOT do these things. As far as we know...

While he was sitting down with heat magazine’s Lucie Cave, Dave suddenly announced he had a small, furry visitor in his home recently. No, not William Hague…

Lucie Cave: "Do you have any phobias?"

David Cameron: "I’m not very keen on rats, we had one in our kitchen once, it came in through the cat flap, it was horrible, and I kind of found it in the middle of the night."

LC: "What did you do?"

DC: "Well I’d like to say I stripped down to the waist and wrestled it and threw it out there but I didn’t. It was disappearing through a hole it had found in the skirting board."

Gross. The Prime Minister then told us he was the go-to person in his house for capturing errant spiders in the bath, but he’s not so keen on crocodiles.

DC: "I actually had to hold a baby crocodile the other day, I didn’t like that. There was a camera on so I had to go, ‘Oh this is lovely’, but I was really worried I was squeezing it so tightly that actually I was going to kill it, because the guy said to me, ‘If this bites you, you know, you will draw blood’ and I said ‘Oh really?!’

"The crocodile survived but I didn’t think ‘How lovely, I’ve squeezed a crocodile today’, I thought ‘Right, OK, thank God today’s over!’"

You can learn EVEN MORE about our would-be topless rat-wrestling, crocodile-squeezing, spider-rescuing Prime Minister in this week’s heat magazine, out TOMORROW.

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