Brian Harvey smashes up East 17 records in protest at “your f**king music industry” and also paedophiles

Step away from the abyss, Brian, no matter what its siren call tells you

by Emmeline Saunders |
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Brian Harvey is mad, OK? Like, real mad. He’s mad at paedophiles, and also other things. Many other things. Paedophiles, yes, but also the music industry. Not just his music industry – YOUR music industry. He’s just had enough, alright? Brian Harvey off of East 17 is sick and tired of i) paedophiles and ii) your f**king music industry.

Got that? Good, because we’d hate for Brian to have to smash up yet ANOTHER set of East 17 discs in his ardent pursuit of the truth. That’s what happened today when a mad Brian Harvey came across a hapless telephone line exchange unit and took out all his ire on it. Oh, and his discs met a sad demise, too.

But what’s got Brian Harvey so hopping mad that he’s genuinely terrorising an entire alleyway of local infrastructure? Aside from paedophiles and the music industry? Well, we’re not too sure. All we know is this: Brian Harvey brutally and remorselessly annihilated a set of East 17 discs across a phone line exchange unit because that is the only way Brian Harvey can get his point across.

He also wrote a description underneath his self-uploaded YouTube video, just in case the clip took too long to buffer or something, which said:

“This is what i think of you all. Fk your record industry, and fk your weird pedophile world. F**k you.”

Can we get that on a t-shirt, please?

It’s not the first time old Bri’s come out in protest at… something. Remember in October when he showed up in Downing Street demanding to speak to David Cameron, and we all thought it was a bizarre Celebrity Big Brother marketing stunt? And then again just a few days ago, he announced he would be launching his own investigation into the widespread paedophilia rumours dogging Westminster.

Listen, good luck Brian. Sincerely. Just don’t eat too many baked potatoes and run yourself over again, like that time you ate all those baked potatoes and ran yourself over. Don’t do that, OK?

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