Briana Jungwirth’s dad speaks out about Louis Tomlinson baby news

Apparently the grandfather-to-be is 'excited by the news'.

by Maria Vallahis |
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Briana Jungwirth's father has voiced his opinion on his daughter having a baby with One Direction member Louis Tomlinson.

Joe Jungwirth spoke to the MailOnline about how his 23-year-old daughter is 'stressed' out about the mass amount of attention the news has received.

And although he is said to be 'concerned' about this unplanned pregnancy, he says Briana is merely feeling a little overwhelmed right now. We're not surprised with all the 1D fan reaction alone.

He told the website: "The publicity and everything, it can be overwhelming yes.

"Briana's really shy, she's strong but shy, she's tough but shy and she's having a tough time with it, it's stressing her out right now, she's texting me all the time.

"Now that she's out of her mother's house she's a little bit better but she really doesn't like any of this stuff."

Briana, her mum, stepdad and little brother.

Louis's mum has already 'met' her future grandchild – she went to see Briana Jungwirth at her latest ultrasound!

It was also confirmed by the website, that Briana allowed Louis' mum Johannah Deakin and stepdad Dan to travel to California to see her scan and hear the baby's heartbeat.

She also brought along her own parents, Tammi and stepdad Brett Clark, so both sets of grandparents could meet at her ob-gyn's clinic. But Briana's pregnancy hasn't run too smoothly yet.

She's said to be suffering from morning sickness and has lost her appetite, although stepdad Brett's homemade camomile tea is thought to be helping.

Joe, 56, also revealed: "It's the first kid in our family, this will be the first grandkid. Yeh we're excited about it, Briana is doing great I guess.

"It's a bit of a shock, you know, they're kids, stuff happens, but I'm supporting her. I love her to death and it's all good."

Briana, who is three months pregnant, revealed the news to her mum Tammi, stepdad Brett and stepbrother Austin around two weeks ago at their home in Calabasas, California.

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