Did Britain’s Got Talent’s Beau Dermott CHEAT?

Britain's Got Talent Beau Dermott

by Stevie Martin |
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Beau Dermott, the young girl from Cheshire who blew Amanda Holden backwards off her chair with the sheer force of her 12-year-old vocal chords on Britain's Got Talent, has found herself part of a rigging scandal.

On Sunday, Amanda fast-tracked Beau (who sang Defying Gravity from Wicked) to the semi-finals, pressing the golden buzzer only reserved for real talents.

But Amanda hadn't been told one tiny detail: Beau has actually had some singing lessons, and won a number of talent shows previously, so it's not actually that surprising she has such wicked (sorry) skillz.

While being interviewed on Monday morning by Lorraine Kelly, Beau's mum said: "Once she starts singing, she goes into her own little world.

"She's really humble isn't she and takes it all in her stride."

Britain's Got Talent Beau Dermott golden buzzer

Beau added: "I'm still in this bubble at the moment, it's been really great. I had a lot of butterflies."

According to sources speaking to The Star, Beau has been having singing lessons once a month with the StagePro Academy in Warrington and has already won Halton’s Got Talent and Warrington’s Got Talent contests in recent years.

Thing is, though, is Halton's Got Talent really worthy of some sort of scandal? Not to be a dick to Halton or anything, but it's not a UK-wide competition. It's not even a county-wide one. And the fact Beau had singing lessons once a month shouldn't take away from her talent.

beau dermott bgt

You could give an egg singing lessons once a month and it wouldn't be able to belt out Defying Gravity like Beau did. So there.

There's no word as to the consequences of this new information, but we're hoping everyone ignores it and appreciates the fact that there's some actual talent on Britain's Got Talent.

Here's Beau performing at the TeenStar singing contest in 2015:


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