Britain’s Got Talent: the maddest moments from the last 10 years

Can you believe it's been 10 YEARS.

Simon Cowell, David Walliams, Alisha Dixon and Amanda Holden

by Heat |

Can you believe Britain's Got Talent is 10 years old this year? Can you believe that Piers Morgan used to sit on the panel? Can you believe Simon Cowell made a talent show that's THIS good…?

Us neither.

Simon Cowell Britain's Got Talent

It’s been a fab stretch so far. Full of laughs, happy tears, Simon's best put downs, sisterhood between Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden, the always entertaining Ant and Dec, the best of the canine world, the best of British (and beyond), ALL finished off with a huge dollop of GENUINE TALENT.

Ready to take a trip down memory lane? Never change BGT, never change…


SuBo taught us all two big LESSONS: never judge a book by its cover and that it’s alright to share your flat with your cat.

Her performance of I Dreamed A Dream from Les Mis still makes our arm hair stand to attention. WE LOVE HER.

David Walliams and his Showbears

He recently admitted to heat that they were his favourite act OF ALL TIME.

When he asked if he was still in contact with the boys he replied:

"Of course, but there's only three of them left. They had lots of in-fighting, just like Fleetwood Mac."


We're still scared of this powerful little pooch.

Megan Mckenna

Yeah this happened. Way back in 2009, Megs and her pal donned a neon tutus to perform a song from Wicked (nooooooo!).

Simon even said he liked it - wonder if he watches TOWIE and Ex On The Beach?

The Kelly Brook furore

Remember when Kelly Brook got given the swerve? Good times.

Carmen Electra had to step in to cover Amanda Holden for a brief spell in 2012 and that didn't go down too well, either.

Stavros Flatly

The Greek father and son duo were even on TOWIE the other day! Proper famous.

TOWIE Stavros Flatly


EVERY single dance act is now compared to these guys AND their first audition still blows our tiny little minds.

Also, look how grown up and FIT lil Perri Kiely is now - we feel SO old.

Marmite man

Fine art student Nathan took to the stage to show off his talent of using food to create masterpieces.

Pretty impressive, but what a waste of tasty toast.

Ashleigh and Pudsey

They've yet to find a dog act that is superior to Pudsey. He's super famous now, BTW, probably more famous than Simon. He travels by private jet, has been in a film and presents a show on CBBC. Think you and your pooch could give them a run for their money? You probably can't. Soz not soz.

Olivia Binfield

Cute little Olivia is pretty good at writing poetry. But to spice things up a tad, she likes to perform her amazing poems with A MASSIVE SNAKE ROUND HER NECK.

She's so chill.

DJ Talent

Back in 2009, Piers was faced with this DJ maestro - real name Anthony Goush - and his life was probably never the same again. However, we’re pretty sure we spent the next couple of weeks going "I say Britain, you say Talent", just to annoy our pals.

He got to the semi-final, so there you go.

The Regurgitator

Yep, you can skip this one if you want…


Mr Zip

All together now, “Where's ma keys, where's me phone…". Mr Zip found himself in the UK charts after his sensational audition and Simon Cowell even signed him to his record label.

But, of course, his career was a little short lived and he's now off the radar - he hasn't even tweeted since 2012. :( :( :(

David and Simon’s beautiful relationship

Simon Cowell Britain's Got Talent

They may be a little dysfunctional and slightly overbearing but there is SO much love between these two. Plus, would there even be a BGT if Simon got rid of David Walliams? We, for one, would start a revolt. That's for sure.

Want some more? You better tune into the BRAND NEW series of Britain's Got Talent then. It's back super soon.

We've had a peek, it's better than ever before.

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