Ah ma Gaaad. BRITNEY SPEARS on Carpool Karaoke


Britney Spears

by Polly Foreman |
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Thought Carpool Karaoke peaked at One Direction? Thought it couldn’t POSSIBLY get more exciting than Michelle Obama?

Well, the skit has gone all early noughties on us and thrown us BRITNEY SPEARS.

And we cannot deal.

We legit couldn’t remember the last time we’d heard actual Britney Spears sing an actual Britney Spears song before now, but it was a long time.

Britney Spears

If you aren't aware of its format (which anyone with a Facebook account reaallly should be by now), James Corden drives celebs around LA while singing along to the car stereo, dancing, and generally chatting shit. It's a recurrent segment on his programme The Late Late Show, and a lot funnier than it sounds, trust us.

In this one, he puts on Toxic (fab choice, James, fab choice), and after being a bit hesitant at first she gets rilly into it.


And it’s amazing.

The full segment is out on Thursday, but you can watch a lil snippet below:

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