Britney Spears shares INCREDIBLE holiday snap

Not that we're jealous of her break, oh no no no.

britney spears

by Georgina Terry |

Britney Spears, pop princess, has shared another spectacular holiday snap with her Instagram fans and anyone else who fancies taking a look.

Are you ready for this?

Blimey, Brit.

Look at those abs! We are agog at the number of sit-ups they must have taken.

Hats off, Britney. Hats off.

The Toxic one has been sharing tonnes of photos of her ridiculously banging bod of late, including one that she was accused of Photoshopping.

Was this image altered to make Brit's already teeny waist look even smaller?

We couldn't possibly say but there does seem to be a lack of path underneath her back.

Maybe it's just the angle.

Either way, she is looking and seems to be feeling amazing of late.

And now you can look at more fabulous celeb body transformations! Go on.

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