BRITs 2015: Ant and Dec are dreading an actual DEATH on the night – really?!

Don't think that's happened before...

by Owen Tonks |
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What’s the worst thing that could happen on stage when you work in showbiz? You could forget your lines if you’re an actor, suddenly lose your voice if you’re a singer, or the autocue could cut out if you’re a television presenter.

Well, Ant and Dec are absolute pros so they don’t have to worry about that kind of thing… but they are concerned about something else happening at this year’s BRIT Awards – A DEATH!

Check this out!

The Geordie duo are hosting this year’s bash in London tomorrow night and have been quizzed about what they expect from the ceremony.

When asked what they were dreading the most, Dec told us: “It’s got to be some sort of stage invasion or some sort of big barney in the audience, probably.”

Ant added: “I mean, a death wouldn’t be good, would it? That’s probably the worst thing that could happen.” Err, you can say that again!

When it was suggested an actual ARTIST could die on the night, Dec exclaimed: “Any death would be bad, let’s not differentiate here!”

Don’t worry guys, we’re sure you’ll be alright!

Stay tuned to heatworld and heatworld’s Twitter for all the gossip from the BRITs red carpet on Wednesday night.

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