BRITs 2015: Ed Sheeran on the Red Carpet – on Sam Smith, Jagerbombs, Robinson’s Fruit and Barley and Madonna!

Chat, chat, chat - you've got some awards to go to Ed!

BRITS Ed Sheeran 2

by Rhiannon Evans |
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Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and George Ezra - one of them is going to walk away from The BRITs the King... well, if they can stop big-ing each other up constantly.

We caught up with Ed on the BRITs Red Carpet and after we told him thatSam had said he hoped he'd win the awards, Ed told us: "I’d love to win the album award.

"That’s really kind of him, maybe I should say Sam to win. I think Sam should definitely get breakthrough, it’d be a crime if he didn’t. And single, I think Stay With Me was the best song of last year"


    Ed also told us Jagerbomb was his chosen tipple of choice and his hangover cure was "Flat coke - flat fizzy drinks with ice". Plenty of that tomorrow then. He also said he worries he'll regret having a rant tomorrow. "Whenever I drink I’ll always have a rant about something, but I want to have a rant," he said. "I’ll have a rant tomorrow morning when I’m hung over."

    For now, as well as taking Taylor Swift for a Pizza Express ("I made her try Pizza Express, she’d never had it") Ed also told us he'd brought a special treat backstage. "I’ve got Robinson’s Fruit & Barley, peach," he EXCLUSIVELY REVEALED. WOW.

    We also wanted to know what seemingly-timid Ed thought about Madonna - who is performing tonight. "I think stand by your sh*t," he said. "I like her unapologetic attitude – if you create something you stand by it. I might not get it the whole time, but I like how she stands by what she believes in – this is me, like it or lump it."

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