BRITs 2015: Our favourite nine things about George Ezra

He could win big at The BRITs, but did you know all of this...?


by Rhiannon Evans |
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Everyone's chatting about Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran, but there's another frontrunner at tonight's BRIT Awards - four-time nominated George Ezra.

George, or Geoff as he refers to himself, is nominated for Best British Album, Best British Male Solo Artist, Best British Single, and British Breakthrough Artist.



      He's also after a bit of Taylor Swift (good luck). He told The Sun: "I'm gonna ditch the posh accent and go, 'A'wight babe!' She's fit."

      Anyway, you'll know his songs from hearing them pretty much ALL summer, but here are our other favourite things about George Ezra.


      George Ezra fave things

      MEOW1 of 9


      He seems to like cats on his Instagram. And we like that.

      Alright Geoff?2 of 9

      Alright Geoff?

      He refers to himself as Geoff. Cool.

      He's a Mean Girl3 of 9

      He's a Mean Girl

      He quotes Mean Girls on twitter. What more could you ask for, hey?

      SUCH a Petan4 of 9

      SUCH a Petan

      He created a word. Petan. And his fans love it. Despite no-one knowing what it means. Including, it seems, George.

      SASSY!5 of 9


      He LOVES recreating emojis. Meaning he's also probably well thrifty when it comes to picking a fancy dress outfit

      Padders6 of 9


      He ADORES Paddington Bear.□The first record he released was called Wanted On Voyage (which was the sticker stuck to the famous bear’s suitcase) and admitted his mum used to dress him up a bit like him when he was a kid.□“I can’t wait to see the new Paddington movie,” George said when we saw him at the BBC Music Awards. “I have a few Paddington DVDs that I still watch when I’m feeling hungover or sorry for myself.”□

      Classic McKellen7 of 9

      Classic McKellen

      He did that the video for his single, Listen To The Man, with Sir Ian McKellen.□He told heat: "I don’t really get star struck, he was just lovely to meet and he was really nice! He’s just a nice person."□

      Lollipop Express8 of 9

      Lollipop Express

      He loves a Chupa Chup. Sweet

      Not so scar-y9 of 9

      Not so scar-y

      He's got a rock n roll scar, for a rock n roll reason. He got the scar when drunk, but took to long to get it stitched up, instead going to his music college to hear a talk by Marky Ramone. “I stank of alcohol and was in that stage of concussion when you just think you’re fine," he said.

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