Bruno Mars accused of stealing Serbian pop song lyrics to make Uptown Funk

A Serbian singer has reportedly accused Bruno of stealing 80 per cent of her track.


by Maria Vallahis |
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Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson could be in trouble after a Serbian singer reportedly accused them of stealing song lyrics from her '80s pop song to make up their hit-track Uptown Funk.

Serbian singer Snezana Miskovic, stage name Viktorija, claims the lads stole 80 per cent of her song *Ulice Mracne Nisu Za Devojke *(in English Dark Streets Are Not For Girls) which she recorded in 1984.

Viktorija supposedly told The Daily Star: "Their song Uptown Funk contains 80 per cent of my tracks. How much of it are you allowed to take as inspiration for your song?

"I'm in no hurry to sue them, these processes take a long time, and my life and career does not depend on lawsuits." Well that's good to know.

Serbian singer Snezana Miskovic, also known by her stage name Viktorija.

And clearly thinking she has a case, the 56-year-old added: "For these lawsuits, there should be a lot of money, the lawyers are working on a percentage.

"If I still decide to sue them and I win, I have to figure out what to do with that money."

While Uptown Funk was one of the biggest hits of last year, Viktorija also had a string of hits in her day and was even once voted for Best Female Singer by Pop Rock magazine in 1989.

Mark Ronson performing in Manchester last month.

Earlier this year, British producer Mark's record label was inclined to add a few more credits to his and Bruno's funky hit, because The Gap Band's Oops Upside Your Head and Devon Gallaspy's All Gold Everything bared similarities.

Also earlier this year, Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams were also court-ordered to pay $7.3 million (£4.6 million) in copyright infringement due their number one single Blurred Lines sounding a lot like Marvin Gaye’s Got To Give It Up.

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