Burger King’s new black burger will turn your poo bright green

You got it.

Burger King's

by Georgina Terry |
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Burger King, everyone's second favourite chain burger restaurant, have launched a new product for Halloween, a whopper in a black bun.

It's meant to be a spoooOOoooooky homage to Halloween, and it does have quite a frightening affect.

On your bowels.

Reports have spread across social media of Halloween Whopper intake resulting in an ectoplasm coloured outpouring. Delightful.

Burger King told ABC News (American for ITV) that the black bun contains less than 1 per cent food dye, and writes in its nutrition facts that the flavourings and food colourings in the bun "are commonly used in the industry and within the safe and Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)."

Which is good to know.

Burger King does not specify which colours are used, but our food expert (our mum) told us that green dyes are often used in black food coloring.

And what does Gillian McKeith think about this? Does anyone know where we can find a number for Gillian McKeith?

Ahem. So...

Does the idea of terrifying turd make you more or less likely to try the Halloween Whopper?

Do let us know. But please, no pictures.

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