Busted reunite for 2016 tour – and CHARLIE SIMPSON is involved!

But does this mean no more McBusted? ☹

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Busted are to reform for a 2016 tour with their original line-up!

Charlie Simpson will reunite with bandmates Matt Willis and James Bourne 10 years after they broke up when he decided to go his separate way with alterative band Fightstar.

Tickets for next year’s tour go on sale this Friday (13 November) at 9am – and they’ll be playing at least 13 gigs in May, starting at London’s Wembley Arena on Wednesday 11 and ending in Dublin on the 31st.


A statement from the three members of the band talked about how they started planning to get back together in 2014.

“A year ago James and I got together and just started hanging out … and it felt really different, somehow, to how it had ten years ago. And the idea crept into my head after all that time apart: what would Busted look like today?” said Charlie.


Matt, who has married Emma Willis since he was last in Busted, continued: “For me, there’s a huge sense of unfinished business.

“I always thought in my heart we’d do Busted again, but that it was just a matter of when and how.”

Their bandmate James added: “We’ve done this crazy, exciting, adventurous, scenic route back to being Busted. And now we’re here, we’re all super-re-energised.”

What's going to happen with this lot, then?

As well as the tour, Busted will also be bringing out a brand new album – despite Charlie vowing to never get involved with the band again.

He explained his backtracking to The Sun, saying: “I can see why someone would think I want a piece of the action after seeing the success of McBusted but financial motivation isn’t what this is about.

“Anyone who knows me knows I love music and I could have made a lot more money staying in Busted in the first place. I wouldn’t just do it for the money.”

This does mean that the future of McBusted – James and Matt, plus Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd off McFly – looks pretty uncertain at the moment, although Tom has said recently they might retire McBusted to make room for the re-emergence of McFly.


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