Busted Tour 2016: Charlie Simpson FINALLY reveals why he’s back in Busted

Plus everything we know about Busted's tour - and the future of McBusted

Busted Tour 2016 Charlie Simpson

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Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard that Charlie Simpson has only gone and rejoined Busted - you know that thing he said he would never ever do? Yep, Chazza and his big, bold, beautiful eyebrows are back and will be reuniting with Matt Willis and James Bourne on tour in 2016.

Ever since announcing their reunion, the question everyone's been asking is just what made Charlie eat his own words and rejoin our favourite boyband (soz 1D)? In an exclusive interview with Kerrang, the former Fightstar singer has finally given us an answer. But that doesn't mean we don't still have a few other questions...

Why has Charlie Simpson rejoined Busted?

D.r.e.a.m t.e.a.m

Given that Charlie has stated several times throughout the last decade that he has no plans to team up with his old Busted pals, it's hardly a surprise that everyone's questioning why he's had a sudden change of heart.

"Being excited about making music with those guys - that's what's led me here. It's made me think, 'this could be fun again.' I can put my hands on my heart and say that I wouldn't be rejoining Busted if I wasn't excited about the music," Charlie exclusively told Kerrang.

Addressing rumours that he's back to cash in on the success of McBusted, Charlie argued: "Wouldn't I have done McBusted [if that was the case]?"

He added: "I wouldn't have left Busted for an alternative rock band that nobody knew of [Fightstar, LOL] if I had been the sort of person that valued money over music."

How did Charlie Simpson rejoin Busted?


Charlie explained to Kerrang that Matt and James popped round his house about three years ago wanting to do Busted again.

"In my head, I still thought I'd never do that again, and I was committed to doing my solo stuff. But - and this is important - we ended up having a really, really good time," he said.

"We kept in contact from that point on, and I did start to think things were different to where I thought we were."

Charlie added: "They came round my house again, not that long ago, with some new songs, weren't even Busted songs at the point - just songs James had written - and they were really, really good. Brilliant pop songs. I got excited about them."

And so it seems Busted was reborn!

Why did Charlie Simpson leave Busted originally?

This is the most 2003 picture ever taken

Charlie announced his decision to leave Busted back in January 2005 (aka the dark days) to pursue a career with alternative rock band Fightstar - and it wasn't long before rumours were flying all over the place about rifts between the Busted trio.

Looking back ten years later, Charlie revealed to Kerrang: "I don't want to sound too extreme, but I was close to getting depressed as you could ever get, and I was worried I might turn to drink or drugs or something."

He added: "It was really nothing to do with Matt and James, though. It was just I had to do Fightstar." And now he's been there, done that and worn the band t-shirt.

What's happening with McBusted?


No official word has been given on what the revival of Busted means for super-group McBusted, but Tom Fletcher certainly doesn't think this means the end.

Speaking to Yahoo, Tom said: "It was all completely unplanned and spontaneous and it has always been that way with McBusted, we don't really know what is coming up but it's something that is always going to be there - it definitely doesn't feel like the end."

Maybe Charlie will become the 7th member of McBusted? Who knows...

Will there be a new Busted album?

Yes, that *does* spell out a rude word

Yes! Yes there will! And given what Chazza has said about the new material the trio have penned, it sounds as though it's going to be pop-tastic.

Who will be the opening act for Busted's 2016 tour?

McFly opened for Busted when the boys first went on tour - so in heat's dreamworld they'd join the lads on tour again. If not then maybe we'll see the like of 5SOS or The Vamps? It's anyone's game at the moment.

What will the Busted 2016 tour actually be like?

Look! They've got so big!

The last McBusted tour was everything you'd want from a boyband concert, and more. We're talking blow-up boobs and flying cars, you guys. With any luck Busted will take on the same lively and childish nature - but Charlie is known for being the serious one of the group (hi Liam) so this is yet to be seen.

When is the Busted 2016 tour?

After selling 100,000 tickets within an hour and selling out London's 02 Arena, Busted added extra dates to their 2016 tour which kicks off in May and will see the boys touring across London, Birmingham and Manchester to name but a few cities.

Where can I buy Busted 2016 tour tickets?

Good question, friend. Try Livenation or Ticketmaster for all your purchasing needs.

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