Caitlyn Jenner becomes a Real Housewife

Watch out, Kris: she’s taking over Beverly Hills

Caitlyn Jenner

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It’s been a bleak few weeks for reality TV fans, ever since the Kardashians announced that they would be bringing their eponymous E! show to a close next year. But fear not, guys, because word is that Caitlyn Jenner and her live-in companion-slash-manager Sophia Hutchins are gearing up to join the cast of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.

Good news for us, bad news for Kris Jenner and co – who know full well just how unfiltered Caitlyn can be. And now, we’re told the Kardashians are extremely worried that Cait could divulge their family secrets on screen.

Caitlyn Jenner

“The first thing they do on Real Housewives is rake over all the juiciest aspects of the cast members’ lives,” says an insider close to Caitlyn, who said in an interview back in March, “I could see myself getting in there [on RHOBH] with some of the drama.” She and Sophia are now rumoured to be “in talks” to join the cast.

We’re told, “Signing them up is a no-brainer. So closely involved with the most famous reality family on the planet, they’re bound to boost ratings. Cait will be required to dish some dirt and there’s no doubt that she’ll go along with it. She’s always refused to apologise for being a straight-talker.”

The Kardashian-Jenner's biggest Photoshop fails EVER:


The Kardashians' biggest Instagram Photoshop FAILS ever

The Kardashians' biggest Instagram Photoshop FAILS1 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram

Kylie's wobbly wall

The wall behind Kylie's waist on the left sure ain't straight.

The Kardashians' biggest Instagram Photoshop FAILS2 of 14
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North's brows on fleek

Followers questioned whether Kim had Photoshopped North West's eyebrows. What do you reckon?

The Kardashians' biggest Instagram Photoshop FAILS3 of 14
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Did Kim try to make Jonathan Cheban's waist smaller? Fans thought so when she uploaded this pic.

The Kardashians' biggest Instagram Photoshop FAILS4 of 14
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Kylie's belt loop

Does it look a bit stretched to you? Hmm.

The Kardashians' biggest Instagram Photoshop FAILS5 of 14
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Gigi Ha-kneed

Remember when W magazine totally erased Kendall Jenner and her pal Gigi Hadid's knees? Bloody hell.

The Kardashians' biggest Instagram Photoshop FAILS6 of 14
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Making an ass of themselves

Check out the sliding door on the left. You okay, huns?

The Kardashians' biggest Instagram Photoshop FAILS7 of 14
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Airbrush tool ahoy?

Fans wondered whether Kris had made her waist trimmer in this pic.

The Kardashians' biggest Instagram Photoshop FAILS8 of 14
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Oh no, Koko

The curved reflection in the mirror had everyone questioning if Khloé had over-edited her snap.

kylie jenner photoshop fail9 of 14
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Kylie's bum

2015 Kylie was our FAVE Ky. Remember the Vines? The blue hair? A vibe but in this pic fans couldn't help but notice her bum looked INCREDIBLY round...

The Kardashians' biggest Instagram Photoshop FAILS10 of 14
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Gordon Gate

Followers accused Kris of smoothing out Gordon Ramsay's face in this pic a few years ago.

The Kardashians' biggest Instagram Photoshop FAILS11 of 14
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Wobbly wall take 2863

Kim captioned this pic 'Found this pic I took in the bathroom on set of My @calvinklein shoot,' but fans were quick to spot - you guessed it - a wobbly wall.

he Kardashians' biggest Instagram Photoshop FAILS12 of 14
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Facetune like it's 1999

Fans even accused Kim of Photoshopping this throwback pic from '99. Brutal.

kylie jenner photoshop13 of 14
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You OK, hun

Fans accused Ky of Photoshopping this snap after they pointed out that the walls look curved.

kylie jenner photoshop14 of 14
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Posted and deleted

OK so this isn't the photo in question (because she's since deleted the snap) but remember whenshe posted these pics and fans accused her of editing her legs? Bless her.

Any I’m A Celeb fans out there will know that Caitlyn didn’t shy away from name-dropping the Kardashians last year. But while her candid chats with her fellow campers – in which she spoke about the general lack of support she’d felt from her family while transitioning – won her legions of fans, they did nothing to temper relations with ex-wife Kris and stepdaughters Kim, Kourtney and Khloé. And the fact that Sophia was the only one to send her a message of support while she was in the jungle proved just how frosty things had become.

One year later, nothing has changed. And while RHOBH doesn’t require its cast to lie in coffins filled with rats, the challenges are no less vicious. As far as producers are concerned, A-list family gossip is worth its weight in gold.

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“Caitlyn was pretty unrepentant about talking about the Kardashians on TV,” says our source. “She’s barely on speaking terms with Kris at the moment, and she got a lot of flak from the girls. She knows that she could have been more sensitive, but she feels she has a right to reflect on the past. Her attitude is that she’s free to do what she wants.”

If it’s any consolation, Kris, at least Caitlyn did keep things relatively clean when she appeared on All Round To Mrs Brown’s earlier this year. And if Mrs Brown can’t get her to spill the beans, no housewife can.

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