Call Me Maybe made Carly Rae Jepsen want to blow things up

Not in a dangerous way. Things just got a little destructive.


by Jen Crothers |
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The biggest thing to happen in 2012 wasn’t the Olympics. Nor was it the Mayans reckoning the world was going to end. Or the fact it was a leap year. It was the release of Carly Rae Jepsen’s pop opus Call Me Maybe that eclipsed every other thing. Catchier than both the plague and nits combined, it’s the most culturally important digit-referencing song that’s ever been written. Here it is in case you had forgotten:

It was number one in 19 countries, has been viewed almost 700 million times on YouTube, and got played on a loop about 832 times at our mate Laura’s wedding and no-one objected.

BUT… once upon a time, Carly Rae Jepsen got so sick of the song she planned to stage a ceremonial goodbye by exploding a phone. No calling anyone, not even maybe, not ever again.

“I have some cinematographer friends who are very artistic and fun, and we were thinking about how we could really look back at Call Me Maybe and look forward to the next album,” Carly told heat. “We were joking about how we would go into the desert in California and take a telephone, and film slow motion exploding it. Hopefully it would show the right message, not that I hated the song, but we’re moving on.”

But she’s come back round to it now. Come back, all is forgiven.

“I definitely got burnt out of the song after a while because I sung it so many times, but I think I come back around when I actually do perform it live,” she continues. “There’s some magic to the fact that everyone sings along and it feels nostalgic and fun, so I can get back into it.”

Well thank god for that.

Carly’s single I Really Like You is out on 27 April

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