Call The Midwife’s Helen George ran the London Marathon – AND THEN nipped over to the BAFTAs

We feel *very* lazy

Helen George

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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After running the London Marathon (as some of heat did!) you have a couple of options.

These involve a large gin, a LOT of food, sitting on one’s bum for ages, and a big old sleep, preferably in that order.

Helen George, who plays midwife Trixie Franklin in Call The Midwife skipped the sleeping bit (and most of the sitting, too) – she’s a brave lady, because she went to a BAFTA awards ceremony directly after the marathon.

Um, she must be some kind of Superwoman. AND THE THING IS SHE ALSO LOOKED REALLY GREAT AT BOTH EVENTS.

Check out Helen, just after finishing her race – she looks fresh-faced and gorgeous.

And she doesn’t have a hair out of place at the BAFTA Craft Awards either. We’d still be bright red, and doing a lot of heavy breathing at that point.

Helen completed the race with a time of 04:25 – and wore some rather funky leopard print leggings while she was at it.

Although she did tweet about having a kebab after the BAFTAs, which is much more normal-person behaviour. Well deserved, Helen.

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