Calm down everyone! Kris Jenner has got a new Rolls Royce


Kris Jenner

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We at heat are feeling a little cranky today – probably because we were too worried about the Kardashian clan to sleep after the traumatic events of yesterday :(.

First came the news that Kim Kardashian had broken her Blackberry and was faced with the devastating prospect of getting TWO IPHONES. And then we learned that Kris Jenner had crashed her one-week-old ,000 Rolls Royce. Lol.


She was fine, but the car was a hella f*cked up. We were beside ourselves. How will she parade her obscene wealth round the roads of LA now? Are any of her other 83929 cars up to her standards? WILL SHE HAVE TO GET THE BUS?

Luckily for us, we can sleep easily tonight – because she's not A BRAND NEW ROLLS ROYCE to replace it. And here we are driving round with a massive dent in the side of our old battered old Polo from the time we crashed it five years ago.

According to TMZ, when Kris contacted the car dealership to ask about new wheels she was told there was only one Rolls matching that description in the area.

Kris Jenner
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The car was then brought over in a trailer complete with huge windows, presumably to show it off as much as humanly possible.

Kris Jenner car

Lucky Kris is having what is probably the best time anyone has ever had post car crash.

The scene immediately after turned into literally the most star-studded accident we've ever seen – Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian AND Kanye West turned up to support her.

And she's been showering Instagram with pictures of gifts from her kids ever since – balloons, cards, roses, etc etc. Most people get a few hours on the phone to the insurance company and a stern look from the other driver, but kl.

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