Calum Best calls his relationship with Lindsay Lohan “some of the worst moments of my life”

Well, it didn't look great at the time

Calum Lindsay

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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Remember when Calum Best went out with Lindsay Lohan? It was circa 2007, and Lindsay had dark hair (remember that?) and a really, really orange tan.

The two used to hang out at New York clubs and stick their tongues down each other’s throats.

It was obviously never going to last – and now Calum’s revealed why in his new autiobiography, Second Best (a very, very good title, that. Wonder if he came up with it himself? If he did then he is certainly not second best in any way).

He refers to the relationship as, er, “some of the worst moments of my life”. Nice.

Now put on your best transatlantic accent and read the rest.

“The two of us together are combustible,” Calum writes of Linds.

“At this moment in our lives, we’re both a bit nuts. We both like to party a lot and it makes things tempestuous.

“When we go out I flirt with other girls, sometimes in front of her, and one day she catches me hanging out with another girl in my hotel room.”

OH NO YOU DIII-N’T, CALUM! Oh, yes he did.

Calum then writes that Lindsay ended it with him, branding him an “asshole” after a video of him doing rudey things with an escort came to light.

Yep, this is exactly how we imagined their relationship was, and we feel a bit grubby after reading about it, too.

Best this is all stays in 2007, eh?

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