Calum Best evicted from CBB after battling medical problem!

He says that's why he was a bit boring over the last week or so

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by Stevie Martin |
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Calum Best got evicted in last night's CBB, a bit of a blow considering last time he came on the show he finished third. But apparently his apparently anonymity over the last week or so is actually due to medical health reasons.

While the model seemed absolutely fine when his name was called (as in, he screamed "Yes!") he might be a bit disappointed with how the series panned out. Mainly because while everyone (alright Chloe, Stacy and Jessica) fancied him, he didn't really DO that much.

"I had an ear infection and I just wanted to sleep it off - obviously that wasn't aired," he told Emma. "And Jedward bless them were constantly singing!!

Aha! So that explains him losing his rag with them the other day, then.

Calum added that he was sad not to beat his personal best, but the house was starting to "drain" him a bit.

Speaking about his comments on Bianca and Jamie's relationship - where he accused them of playing it up for the cameras - he said: "I was just stating facts, they're not silly people, they know romances get air time.

"I wasn't saying it was a showmance, I was just saying it how I see it!"

Fair enough. We're sorry to see him go (the eye candy in the house is now severely depleted) but glad he can go and get his ear looked at.

Health first, Calum!


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