Calum Best is doing panto!

He’s going to be Prince Charming in Cinderella (but of course)

Calum Best

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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Hey, there’s nothing wrong with doing panto, and it doesn’t mean that your career is going down the pan in ANY WAY AT ALL.

Just ask Gareth Gates, Dave Bowers or Sian Lloyd. They can vouch for that.

Gareth Gates even told The Telegraph And Argus that the experience was “magical”, so there.

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    So don’t shy away, Calum Best. Get yourself to rehearsals some time in October, fluff up that hair and don that lilac velvet prince’s costume like the actor you were always meant to be.

    Calum is going to be in Cinderella at the Epstein Theatre in Liverpool this Christmas, which is one big Christmas pressie for the universe, really, isn’t it?

    Now Christmas never has to end, Calum. We bet you wished for Christmas to never, ever end when you were six, didn’t you? Dreams CAN come true.

    In fact, it’s now actually Christmas in June for you, Calum Best. Isn’t that great?

    Tickets are on sale now if you’re a super keeno, though we imagine Calum is currently cavorting with a bikini-clad lady on a beach somewhere and not memorising his lines just yet.

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