Calvin Harris goes on bizarre topless Snapchat rant

Least he's got his top off, eh?

Calvin Harris

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Oh Snapchat, how we do love you? Just this morning, we've seen a tiny penis on Chloe Ferry's, Kylie Jenner celebrating her eyeshadow palettes selling out in one minute, plus Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna hanging out again at the Kardashian grandmother MJ's birthday party.

Oh, and Calvin Harris going on a REALLY weird rant.

The fit DJ recently hit back at his ex Taylor Swift for trying to bury him like she (allegedly) did Katy Perry and has recently been spotted partying with Kim Kardashian after the whole #KimExposedTaylorParty. But he's confused the hell out of us on Snapchat.

The MTV Video Music Award nominations have been revealed and Calvin is up for three awards. How Deep Is Your Love is up for Best Electronic Video and This Is What You Came For has been nominated twice for Best Male Video and Best Collaboration.

Bit awkward since Calvin revealed that Taylor contributed to This Is What You Came For but she's not up for any awards.

calvin harris tweets

And on Calvin's Snapchat story he started it off – topless – by talking about his VMA nominations: "Shout out Emil Nava [video director]. I got three VMA nominations today, This Is What You Came For, How Deep Is Your Love, big up."

Calvin Harris Snapchat
©Snapchat / calvinharris

But then he started talking nonsense. "I'm just out here getting exactly 15 minutes of sun. It's all you need. Use the sun's energy, become a better person with the sun on your side."

Calvin Harris Snapchat
©Snapchat / calvinharris

This is when it started getting weird: "You've really got to think of yourself as a plant. Like, er, how do plants grow? The sun, water, you're a f*cking plant. You're a plant."


"And on that subject of being a f*cking plant imagine you feed your plant Jack Daniels or vodka. What happens to that plant?

Calvin Harris Snapchat
©Snapchat / calvinharris

"A bit of tequila, a bit of vodka for your plant is fine though so, you're the plant."

He then finishes off his rant by saying: "Relax, that's what I'm trying to say."

Calvin Harris Snapchat
©Snapchat / calvinharris

Hmm, he could have just said relax but whatever works for you, Calv.

Even though we're confused by his speech his abs make up for it.


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