Camila Cabello set to become Cinderella in a brand new film adaptation

We are SO ready for this! 👸

Camila Cabello / Disney's Cinderella

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Camila Cabello, the superstar singer responsible for bangers such as 'Havana' and 'Crying In The Club' has landed a starring role in Sony Pictures' adaptation of the popular Disney tale 'Cinderella', and we are WAY too excited.

Not only will the 22-year-old star in the film, produced by none other than James Corden and Leo Pearlman, but she will also be heavily involved in the music for the project. Teasing fans with the announcement, Sony took to their Twitter to say, 'Grab your glass slippers and ballgowns ✨(@Camila_Cabello)' [sic].

Overjoyed, fans began to reply sharing their well-wishes and excitement. One fan wrote, 'what a beautiful cinderella! 😍' [sic], another saying, 'She's a real life princess 👸' [sic], and another saying, [Wow she is absolutely a perfect choice. And the vocals! Hope there is lots of terrific music.' [sic]

When one fan said, 'So proud of @Camila_Cabello 💛' [sic], Sony even replied saying, 'Same 😭' [sic]

The popular Disney fairy-tale was first released in 1950 as an animated movie; since then, we have seen various recreations, including the 1997 live-action remake featuring the legendary Whitney Houston and the 2015 version starring Mamma Mia icon Lily James.

We're sure you'll smash it, Cam - after all, the camera loves you!

Camila branched out for her solo career back in 2016, when it was announced that she would be leaving Fifth Harmony - the popular girl-band that supplied us with hits such 'Sledgehammer' and 'Work from Home'. Camila opened up back in January about why she really left the group.

No official date has been given for the film's release, however according to Variety Sony is 'putting the project on the fast track for production.'


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