What you can learn from Chloe Khan’s Maldives-based posing

First rule: you don't need to include your eyes. Or your head.

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by Stevie Martin |
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It's summer, which means we all sit in our offices looking at pictures of famous people going on holiday to places like The Maldives. Or, in CBB star Chloe Khan's case, literally The Maldives.

Since flying over, the 25 year-old hasn't scrimped on photo opportunities, and there are a lot of classics found in many a celebrity holiday portfolio. But what if you want to replicate them yourself, and you're NOT a celebrity?

Don't worry, we've got it sorted. Behold, the master of posing...

**The One With The Clear Focal Point. **

Many holiday photos lack focus. Were you meant to be taking a snap of that big tree? A dolphin? Your incredible boobs in a gorgeous bikini? No mistaking what the intention was here.

**The One That Shows She's Wealthy and Jetsetting **

If you get on a small plane, you need to take a picture of it. Otherwise, you never really got on the plane at all.

The One With The Leg

You might feel like your legs are for general support, walking and standing when, in fact, they're for arching in front of you to display muscle tone. Do this as much as possible. Extra points if you can do it with both simultaneously like a happy crab.

The One Where She Just Really Loves Wood

You're not a celebrity if you don't enjoy a big wooden pillar. While on holiday, make like Chloe and locate the nearest bit of sturdy carpentry before getting someone to take a picture of you holding it. Then everyone will know how into wood you are. Which is crucial.

The One Where She's Asking A Shark To Eat Her

Mate, get out of the sea. Or at least have a bit of vigilence. If a shark comes up, you're not exactly in prime position to get out the way are you? An example of how celebrities can sometimes get holiday photos very, very wrong (she looks nice though).

The One Where She Shows It's Not All About Posing So A Shark May Eat Her

You need to show it's not all about the pose, and you're actually a fun-lovin' girl with a lust for adventure (while also posing).

The One Before The Waiter Asked Her To Please Sit Down

It's important to always have your legs arranged in a way that, when the waiter asks you to sit down, you'll have to detangle yourself from a balustrade.

The One After The Waiter Asked Her To Please Sit Down

People at home need to know that, sometimes, you are able to sit down for dinner, and that you're not always entwined with balustrades.

The One Where She Doesn't Even Need Eyes

Eyes are 100% overrated when it comes to parts of the body. Provided you've got the basics covered: legs, arse, stomach (note: you can't have both arse and stomach unless you're able to rotate 180 degrees like an owl) boobs, bit of hair, and bit of mouth, then you're golden.

The One Where She Doen't Even Need Eyes, A Nose Or Any Upper Quadrant Of Her Head

On second thought, you can probably just do away with half your head.

We love you Chloe. Please, keep them coming.

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