Cara Delevingne’s tips for walking in heels: ‘Walk like you’re having sex and like you’ve had loads of sex’

Cara Delevingne has given some rather choice advice about walking in high heels.


by Ellie Henman |
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The supermodel is an expert – she makes a living from strolling up and down catwalks – so who are we to question what she says? But still, it does seem a little odd…

“It took me so long to learn to walk in high heels it was a joke,” explained Cara.

“When you first start walking you walk like you've never had sex, and then someone told me, I can't remember who it was, ‘walk like you're having sex and like you've had loads of sex.’”

Now, if you’re as weird as we are you will probably try this, just as we just did and the results are…interesting. We looked more like John Wayne than Cara but maybe our technique is wrong.

Cara shows us how it's done...
Cara shows us how it's done...

Speaking to W Magazine’s 'The Screen Test', the 22-year-old moved on from her weird tips of the trade to speak about how the stress from working fashion week often brings on painful psoriasis.

“After fashion week I had really bad psoriasis, just covered in red scabs.

“I want to start something where people who have psoriasis can talk to each other because it really affects your confidence. People in Milan would look at me like I was a leper and put on gloves and not want to touch me.”

Poor thing. We’d still touch you, Cara.

She’s not a diva, please. She’s perfect in every single way

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