Carey Mulligan spends HOW MUCH on Christmas presents?!

carey mulligan

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Every now and then, we try and give you a little more insight into the lives of the rich and famous.

Yes, they have Snapchat and Instagram and Twitter, but we try and dig deep to get the bits you don’t see.

And what’s more appropriate than taking a look at how they’re spending Christmas?

We even made a list of the BEST celebrity Christmas trees of 2016 in order to see how the other half celebrate festivities.

It was also to try and redeem Kylie Jenner, who had the most pitiful excuse for a tree last year, and deserved recognition for her effort this year.

But imagine just how much dosh they’re spending on the day?

We don’t want to think about how much they’re splashing out on designer baubles and fake snow because we could probably use that dollar to put a deposit on our dream flat.

Le sigh.

However, some celebs are happy to talk about their xmas spending habits.

Carey Mulligan – Hollywood actress, Queen of our Hearts, absolute babe that gives us familygoals with hubby Marcus Mumford and baby Evelyn – has revealed just how much she spends on gifts for her family.

carey mulligan

And you actually won’t believe it.

Talking to Radio Times about why she’s not often seen glitzing around LA like many other A-listers, Carey explained: "I don’t have any desire to be in the public eye.

"I’m happy to promote good causes, but my day-to-day life doesn’t involve any glitz or glamour or celebrity."

She went on to say: "In our family we only buy presents for each other that cost less than £10 and then make a donation to War Child."

How heart-warming is that?

carey mulligan

Despite the fact that she’s got millions in the bank she has her priorities sorted and gives money to causes that need it rather than spending it on expensive gifts.

Oh, Carey babes. We have so much love in our hearts right now we’re not quite sure what to do.

No, we’re not crying. YOU’RE CRYING.


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