Have Caroline Flack and Olly Murs FALLEN OUT over X Factor exit?

Say it isn't so – we don't have the strength for this right now

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by Emmeline Saunders |

UPDATE: Caroline Flack has now tweeted to say she HASN'T fallen out with Olly Murs - and she's certainly not bitter about their ex-X Factor gig.

She wrote:

EARLIER: Caroline Flack and Olly Murs, heat's OTP, have reportedly stopped speaking to each other over their respective departures from The X Factor.

We'll give you a minute to grab your nearest box of tissues/old t-shirt/dog/whatever. You ready? Deep breaths. We can do this.

According to The Sun, Caroline and Olly have fallen out over the fact Olly knew they were being axed from the show before she did – and she's reportedly hurt he never told her.

Olly Murs Caroline Flack

"Caroline felt really disappointed that Olly knew they wouldn't be returning before she did," said a source.

"She thought he'd at least have had the courtesy to tell her."

The insider went on: "In her eyes, the reason he got the gig in the first place was because she'd basically carried him during their stint on spin-off show The Xtra Factor."

Olly's mistake at the X Factor live results show in November 2015 – where he accidentally revealed Monica Michael was going home before the results of the DeadLock vote were made public – also hasn't helped.

"Of course, Olly has his hugely successful pop career and didn't really need The X Factor, but that was Caroline's dream job," the informant went on.

"Now she's seething to have lost it under these circumstances, and they are no longer speaking."

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Oh maaaaan. Not that we're weirdly over-invested in their relationship, but this is a serious blow to all Carolly fans out there.

BUT. BUT BUT BUT. Don't forget Caroline will be presenting Love Island when it returns this summer – and Olly has ALREADY said he wants to be on it.

olly murs x factor

Could Love Island actually bring them back together? Not for the first, last or even 49,145th time, heat really hopes so…

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