Cate Blanchett reveals that she’s had “many” relationships with women: the world suddenly stops turning

She's playing a lesbian in Carol

Cate Blanchett

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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Cate Blanchett is starring in Carol, a film about an older woman who has an affair with a younger shop girl, played by Rooney Mara. You know, that naughty lesbian stuff.

It’s not naughty, by the way – but you’d be forgiven for thinking so after the reaction.

Cate was interviewed by Variety magazine and told us something that, prior to this, we didn’t know.


When asked by the magazine if she’s ever had a relationship with another woman Cate smiles “coyly” before replying: “On film — or in real life?”

When asked further if she’s had relationships with other women, she replies: “Yes. Many times.”

She then refuses to elaborate, though she does say she’s not a fan of putting labels on sexuality.

“I never thought about it,” she says. “I don’t think Carol thought about it.”

So, Cate Blanchett has had girlfriends. Or perhaps she’s actually referring to friendships. She’s not made it clear, and does it really matter?

The Internet has basically broken over Cate’s admission, however.

The MailOnline is screaming about “Cate Blanchett’s bisexual revelation” and “lesbian trysts”. Well, of course it is. It’s that naughty lesbian stuff, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, the Daily Caller says that Cate has a “bisexual past”. Again, we’re not sure we saw Cate use the world “bisexual” – in fact, we think we read that she’s not into labelling sexuality.

We’re not going to get started on the comments. While many are extremely positive, we’re not going to justify any of the bad ones.

We reckon that if Cate IS revealing a private part of herself to us, then good on her. And if she’s not? That's fine too. And either way, the Internet should stop judging already.

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