CBB 2015: Everyone’s ganging up on poor Alicia Douvall, and Perez is immune from eviction

More dramz on CBB tonight as Alicia Douvall gets picked on - and Perez escapes eviction


by Rosie Gizauskas |
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Poor Alicia Douvall – she’s becoming the butt of a lot of jokes on Celebrity Big Brother. Though she’s been dubbed as “stupid” by some of her housemates, we reckon she’s just not as brash.

And banana-gate on last night’s show seems to have taken its toll on her, too. Yes, we’re talking banana-induced sadness. It’s hard being a celeb sometimes.

In footage you’ll see tonight, Calum Best reveals that he reckons the other housemates are “conspiring against Alicia”.

Alicia also tells Katie Hopkins that she’s hurt by the cruel jibes the Apprentice runner-up made about Alicia’s daughter’s diet on last night’s show. The pair agree to “park” their feud, but we’re guessing this won’t last long.

Even Keith Chegwin remarks that it takes Alicia 20 seconds to get his jokes.

Meanwhile, Perez Hilton is made immune from eviction, after “Fairy Queen” Cami Li picks him as her king. Sorry, Perez-haters – looks like he’s staying in the house a little longer…

There’s also what looks like could be a new niggle in the house when Patsy Kensit picks to save Perez over Cami Li or Chloe Goodman.

“Now you know your place with people,” Chloe remarks.

We’d say that we can’t handle any more drama but that’s a total lie. Bring it on!

Celebrity Big Brother is on tonight, 9pm, Channel 5.

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