CBB 2015: Katie Hopkins leaps to Ken Morley’s defence – “He shouldn’t have been censored off”

OK, so that *is* quite a controversial remark


by Rosie Gizauskas |
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Katie Hopkins, you provocative lady, you.

Tonight on Celebrity Big Brother the rent-a-gob pipes up and says that she doesn’t think Ken Morley should have been removed from the house – even after all the trouble he caused.

In case you’ve forgotten (in which case, what planet are you from?), Ken was removed yesterday for using racist and sexist language on the show.

In footage you’ll see on tonight’s episode, Katie spouts off that the show is now a “flawed social experiment” after Ken’s early booting out.

“The process should be that people get evicted by the public and not get censored out of here,” she says to Patsy Kensit.

She then blames Perez Hilton for Ken’s departure (erm, we’re pretty sure that Ken got himself kicked out with the awful stuff he was saying).

“The guy came into the house and Perez got rid of him,” she says.

Katie’s been quite, well, nice on the show so far – and this prompts the other housemates to comment on her remarks.

Perez says that Ken’s exit will be Katie’s cue to take “centre stage” on the show. Well, we agree with him to be fair.

Later in the show there’s a massive banana-gate argument when Alicia Douvall hides a banana under her bed – and Cami Li accuses Alicia of having a fake bum.

It’s all sweetness and light on CBB, isn’t it?

    Celebrity Big Brother is on tonight, 9pm, Channel 5.

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