CBB’s Aubrey O’Day has been slagging off Stephen Bear

WHAT a surprise

Stephen Bear Aubrey Day

by Polly Foreman |
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Celebrity Big Brother may have finished last Friday, but that doesn't mean Stephen Bear is any less on everyone's minds.

We think he's been drilled into ours forever, TBH.

It's been firmly established that Bear is a classic case of Marmite, and no-one seemed to hate him quite so much as Renee Graziano and Aubrey O'Day.

In the last week, they engaged in one of the most MENTAL CBB feuds EVER. To cut a long story short, Renee hid his mask, Bear got sad, Aubrey squared up to Bear, Bear got even more sad, he made them a bizarre heart-shaped breakfast, they threw it away – it was stressful AF, basically.

And it seems the dramz is continuing post-final, as Aubrey has reportedly been slagging off Bear in public.

She told The Sun: "I felt it was unfair, he should have been removed for so many things he did.

"He basically vandalised property and harassed almost everyone in the house.

"But mostly he bombarded all the space constantly, he couldn't let one second go without speaking, no one got a word in."

Bear, meanwhile, seems to be in pretty high spirits. He appeared on Loose Women today and animatedly discussed being single.

If this has made you wonder WTAF is going on with Chloe Khan, he then said: "[She's the] nicest girl I've ever met in my whole life. Who knows what it might bring? I don't want no-one else for now. We'll take it slow."

He then admitted: "The past two girls I've been with they've cheated on me. It's bang out of order. The last two birds I was with, they do the dirty on me.

"Hopefully it works out and I get married.

"I want someone who's got my back. We've got each other's back through everything."

Oh, Bear, we do kinda weirdly love you.

Soz, Aubrey…

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