CBB’s biggest bust-ups ever

Rylan and Speidi. Never forget.

Gemma Collins

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With Celebrity Big Brother finally back on our tellyboxes, we've succumbed to the fact we're confined to the sofa surrounded by snacks for the foreseeable. That's what January's for though, right? And what better way to celebrate the return of the batshit bonkers reality show than by looking back at the biggest CBB bust-ups ever?

We're not gonna lie, chucking these together was no easy task. There's been more drama in that house than your auntie's hen party, an Ex on the Beach episode and last Christmas day combined. But we persisted and, yeah, here's some of CBB's most explosive moments to date featuring the likes of Charlotte Crosby, Tiffany Pollard and Gemma Collins.


Aubrey O'Day vs. Stephen Bear

Aubrey and Bear caused chaos in the house after she finally stood up to Bear and his pranks.

Cheryl Fergison vs. Julie Goodyear

A heated discussion about dirty looks and bad history ended in some casual drink-throwing. Obviously.

Stephanie Davis vs. Gemma Collins

Stephanie snapped at Gemma Collins when she labelled her as a ‘vile person.’ OH CHRIST.

Lewis Bloor vs. Heavy D

With a ten-second countdown before reacting, housemates literally had to hold Lewis back when Heavy D repeatedly told him he was going home.

Luisa Zissman vs. Lionel Blair

Luisa faced the wrath of Lionel during a discussion about her humour when she called the rest of the house OAPs. The shade.

Michelle Visage vs. Perez Hilton

Housemates watched in awe when Michelle called out Perez as he tried to insult her in front of everybody. Sort of messed with the wrong person, didn't he?

Rylan Clark-Neal vs. Heidi and Spencer Pratt

Rylan had lots to say re: Speidi after they failed to complete a task and bragged about it to the rest of 'em.

Farrah Abraham vs. Natasha Hamilton

Farrah and Natasha when they accused one another of bringing negativity to the house and, in turn, brought shitloads more negativity to the house. Fab.

Charlotte Crosby vs. Bruce Jones

Well this was a bit ridiculous, wasn't it?

Lauren Harries vs. Sophie Anderton

Lauren was NAHT a fan of Sophie calling her bossy, patronising and condescending.

Tiffany Pollard vs. Gemma Collins

Or Tiffany Pollard vs. everyone, tbh.


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