CBB’s Chloe Khan says she’s IN LOVE with Stephen Bear

We KNEW it

Chloe Khan

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The Chloe Khan – Stephen Bear saga was hands down the most bizarre and unexpected relationship we’ve seen on Celebrity Big Brother in a long time.

Their nawty antics in the pool, the toilet, the shower and just about everywhere else garnered about a million Ofcom complaints. It was excellent TV, basically.

It culminated in her being evicted from the show on Friday (after receiving death threats from a load of absolute idiots).

When appearing on This Morning this morning (lol) Ruth asked her if she loved Bear. She replied: “I love him as a person.”

Chloe khan


What was less cute, though, was Ruth and Eamonn Holmes’ interview technique, who many have noted was a little bit unreasonable.

Ruth repeatedly asked her about what her family would think about her antics in the house.

Chloe khan

Chloe replied: "When you’re in there for a while you forget cameras are there. It's not like living at home with your family and people who're close to you. It's like being at a big party with a bunch of friends. It's not like a homely environment.

Chloe khan

"Because I’ve done Playboy and I’ve gone glamour, I’m very good at keeping my work life and my home life very separate and more of a job than family life.”

Which is literally very, very fair.

Eamonn Holmes also attacked her for taking her clothes off, which really aggravated us – seriously, it is 2016 GET OVER IT.

Chloe khan

"To be fair to myself, I think people have been a lot more fully nude in the house and not got the flack for it. I’ve got the flack for it.”

That is literally so fair – we have seen Lewis Bloor’s peen SO MANY TIMES.

Lewis Bloor penis

Also – who on earth is Eamonn to tell her what to do?

Eamonn then got extremely patronising, saying: “The thing is Chloe, I think you’re a very nice person and whatever, but I think what Ruth’s saying is when you watch that you feel a bit for you. Did you really have to do the things that you did?”

Predictably, many viewers were seriously pissed off. One said: “Urgh #eamon on @itvthismorning … Diggy and rude passive aggressive to @chloekhanxxx #judging not nice,” and another: “I hate Eamon Holmes! So rude to @chloekhanxxx making inappropriate jokes, belittling her! Not fair! #ChloekhanTM.

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