CBB’s Chloe Khan pleads with people to stop selling stories on her

Go, Chlo.

Chloe Khan

by Georgina Terry |
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Chloe Khan has long been TV gold, in our opinion.

From her INCREDIBLE appearance on Snog, Marry, Avoid, to THAT turn on The X Factor and then transforming herself into Playboy Venezuela's favourite bunny we've watched her career with something veering on delight.

And she was ace on Celebrity Big Brother. Sure, she got her baps out, but has Lewis Bloor faced the same outrage at flapping his enormous and hairless peenand actual naked testicles about all over the shop? Thought not.

And, yes, she got in a relationship with Stephen Bear. So has many a good woman before her. Vicky Pattison and Lillie Lexie Gregg we're looking at you.

Chloe Khan

But Chloe's faced overwhelming negativity in the past four weeks, from her ex-partner who claimed her whole life was a "sham" (ummm… bitter much?) to people dishing the dirt on her "secret' husband, who was actually super nice when anyone actually bothered to ask him about it, to a dressing down on TV during This Morning.

And now she's pleading with people to stop selling stories on her.

Chloe took to Twitter to say: "If you took photos of me years ago and they are shit ...can you stop selling them this week. Thanks bye."

Which is actually pretty funny.

Chloe wasn't at the eviction last night, saying that she needed to spend time with her family:

But said she was certain Bear would stay in. And she was right!

chloe khan

Despite facing eternal nomination, Bear has stormed his way through to the CBB final. Go, Bear!

To be clear: we would in no way want to be his roomie, but can you think of anyone who's worked harder for the CBB prize?

And it seems as though Chloe and Bear may have a chance outside the house: she's been seen with 'Bear' inked on her face, and he's been carrying a photo around in his shoe. There is no gesture more romantic.

CBB continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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