CBB’s Christopher Biggins used to host a Nazi-themed quiz show

We didn't think it could get worse

Christopher Biggins

by Eden-Olivia Lord |
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We honestly thought Christopher Biggins was in with an excellent chance of winning Celebrity Big Brother after his I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! and Celebrity Come Dine With Me triumphs.

We were wrong.

Biggins twice made offensive biphobic remarks and topped it off with an anti-semetic joke, which led him being kicked off the show.

And just when you think the formerly much-loved star couldn't sink any further, footage has emerged of him dressed as a Nazi for a game show.

Christopher Biggins
©BBC Knowledge

Biggins donned an SS officer's uniform and spoke in a German accent on the TV show *Valhalla Or Bust *on the BBC in 1997.

An insider who worked on the show told The Sun: "Biggins didn't seem to mind dressing as a Nazi at all, and didn't question the morality of it."

Christopher Biggins
©BBC Knowledge

The source even revealed that while a German beer commercial was being filmed in the next room Biggins got all the actors - who were dressed in Nazi uniforms – to ambush the German people in the next room.

"I know he only meant it as a joke, but back then it wasn't taken that way, as it wasn’t last week in the Celebrity Big Brother house."

Christopher Biggins
©BBC Knowledge

Oh, the past. we were all so much more ignorant then.

©Channel 5

Since being booted off the Channel 5 show Biggins has apologised, explained that he loves Jewish people and revealed that he and his partner Neil Sinclair will visit a concentration camp.

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