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Frankie Grande

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It's safe to say Stephen Bear doesn't half do shabbily with the ladies. We don't see it ourselves, but they seem to bloody love him.

In the recent past was his relationship with Lillie Lexie Gregg, which swiftly came to the very unfortunate ending of him cheating on her on camera in front of the whole nation before she told him off in front of same nation, creating quite literally the most uncomfortable bit of tele we have ever seen.

And there's also Chloe Khan, who he got it on with in the pool, THE LOO, the bedroom, and basically the whole house, before they were cruelly ripped apart when she was evicted.

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And now it appears there's FRANKIE GRANDE, who has made the shocking revelation that he harboured a lil Crush on lil Bear in a video on the CBB website.

He was speaking to Marnie Simpson in the garden when she revealed: "I'm so excited about sex."

Marnie simpson

Frankie replied: "Oh my God I can't even think about it. I haven't been horny since I walked into this house. I had a couple sex dreams at the very beginning."

Marnie then said: "About Lew?" to which he replied, "No, no."

Frankie Grande

She then said: "Did you fancy Lewis a little bit when we first came in?"

Not everyone fancies Lewis, Marnie hun.

Frankie then made the startling admission: "No I fancied Bear", to which Marns (still seemingly alarmed that a human person could neglect to be in love with Lewis Bloor) said: "Did ya? Oh my God."

Marnie simpson

He said: "One hundred per cent. Didn't think there was a question. I was like 'Oh my God bear's gay. He's absolutely gay.' Because in America that's what all the hot gay boys dress like.

stephen bear

"Short shorts and revealing Hawaiian shirts with their muscles and their abs out and tattoos. He would fit in in my circle of friends very easily. Not everyone's a rainbow unicorn like I am. SO I definitely thought it was gonna be…"

Oh wow.

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