CBB’s Heavy D is STILL goading Katie Waissel

Things will be FUN at the final

Heavy D - CBB

by Georgina Terry |
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There have been many tImes when the current series of *Celebrity Big Brother *made for deeply uncomfortable viewing: when Chloe Khan and Stephen Bear got it on the toilet (home of romance); Renee Graziano and Christopher Biggins' remarks about bisexuality; Lewis Bloor waggling his enormous and hairless peen about the place.

It's been the televisual highlight of 2016, basically.

But a particular CBB moment stands out as being not only uncomfortable but a wee bit weird: when Heavy D started slagging Katie Waissel off for no reason we could see.


Katie was sat in the garden, innocently enjoying her foundation / lipstick combination, when Heavy laid right into her for 'not having an opinion' and saying that she 'jumps on the bandwagon'.

"Why are you even here?" he asked her, and it was all a bit awful. Especially as he could have asked exactly the same question of, say, Ricky Norwood.

Heavy D - CBB
©Channel 5

Katie was pretty calm about it all. Until she EXPLODED and told Heavy: "Because I was paid to! More than you!

"I'm obviously still important six years on [from The X Factor] that they want me on this show! I know for me I’m better than you…you’re an embarrassment."

Before concluding, wonderfully: "My grandma is more famous than you!"

And Katie became our personal hero, for a brief period.

So, have nine days out of the house given Heavy time to calm down, reflect, and think about his actions?

Nah, mate.

He's still slagging his housemate off on Twitter.

"Everyone's got an opinion...apart from Katie!..still looking for hers..." he told a follower.

Katie has yet to respond but maybe the two will have it out when they come face to face in tonight's live CBB final. If Katie / anyone can get a word in over the no doubt endless and pointless BOOOMS.

Celebrity Big Brother concludes tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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