CBB house evacuated after housemates set their breakfast ON FIRE

And we thought we were terrible cooks

CBB housemates

by Natasha Preskey |
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We already knew the new series of *Celebrity Big Brother *was getting a bit steamybut now it's getting a bit, err, smokey as well?

Disappointingly, on this occasion the fireworks were from the housemates' lame attempt at cooking a fry up.

The blame for the culinary disaster lay mostly with Heavy D, James Whale and Lewis Bloor, who left their brekkie on while they stopped for a food fight. C'mon lads, didn't your mums never tell you not to waste food?

Everything got a bit freshers week as the bacon got a bit too smokey and the fire alarms went off. Big Brother had to order all the housemates into the garden while security rushed in to save the day.

The sheepish cooks were warned: "Big Brother would like to remind you to not try and fry things in a baking tray and instead use appropriate equipment."

Maybe stick to Coco Pops and orange juice next time, eh boys?

celebrity big brother
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Meanwhile, Heavy D is also hoping for a fire IN HIS PANTS as his passion for Chloe Khan rages on, Marnie and Lewis get all smoochey and Aubrey O'Day admits to doing something that will make you CHUCK UP your breakfast so that she could freeze her dog's sperm. Oh, and Stephen Bear and Saira Khan have the series' first ding dong.

Who needs bacon when there are so many other joys to look forward to?

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